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3 Science-Backed Skin Benefits of Caffeine

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The Benefits of Body Lotion

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White truffle Day Moisturizer testimonial

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Post-Holiday Skincare De-Stress and De-Puff your face with a jade roller

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The Hottest Yoga Trends

Trends are a fun way to see what’s new and what you might want to add to your exercise routine. Whether or not you want to try any of these yoga trends is up to you but here’s the latest

Spa Bliss In Las Vegas

The Most Lavish Spa Treatments to Indulge in in Sin City You don’t have to be up all night to have a wild time in Vegas.  You can have a time of your life Las Vegas vacation without ever having

Licorice Root Extract Could Save Your Skin

Licorice is one of those candies you either hate or love.  But regardless of your tastebuds, you don’t have to actually ingest it to benefit from its powerful skincare properties. Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract,  is a soothing and healing

Skin Care Tips for Older Women that Focus on Healthy Skin

Most women in general, but particularly those over 60, are concerned about the onset of an “aging” appearance. These women want to have “younger-looking” skin to match the eternal youth brand machine they are exposed to every day. But, wouldn’t

Five, Five Star Skin Care Spas in Las Vegas

We've done the laborious research getting countless massages and facials to find you the very best of Las Vegas! Here are Five top rated and highly awarded and renown spas by Forbes and Condé Nast.

Six Life Affirming Podcasts to Listen to Now

For those of us who never seem to have time to read, Podcasts are a great way to keep yourself entertained while walking on the treadmill or driving to and from work in the car. From funny to insightful and

Ingredient Spotlight: Maqui Berry Extract

The Maqui berry grows wild on small evergreen trees throughout the Patagonia region of southern Chile. It is purported to have a lot of amazing health and nutritional benefits. The Maqui berry is reported to have an antioxidant level 4 to

Vitamin Infusion Therapy – Does it Work?

Everything you need to know  What if you could cure a hangover, boost your immune system, fight lethargy, and get healthier skin all in one shot? That’s what vitamin IV drips promise. The process works by providing the user with

5 places to Dine in Las Vegas when Price is No Object

There’s no better time to treat yourself to a luxurious dining experience then when visiting Las Vegas. Several studies have found Las Vegas to be the most expensive restaurant city in the country – yes, even more than New York