3 Science-Backed Skin Benefits of Caffeine

Just when you thought that caffeine was only good for giving you that morning boost of energy and focus; guess what?  Caffeine has some fabulous benefits for your skin. Caffeine has found it’s way out of your morning cup of coffee or matcha and into your daily skincare ritual. Before we get into the details of what caffeine can do for your skin, let’s get clear on the basics of what it is.

Caffeine, while most notably tied to coffee, isn’t only procured from little beans. It’s a powerful 3 SCIENCE-BACKED SKIN BENEFITS OF CAFFEINEstimulant that can come from the leaves or fruit of many different sources. To rattle off a few, it can be found in green tea, dark chocolate, and guarana fruit. As a plant-based stimulant, it stimulates the nervous system, constricts small blood vessels, and can reduce inflammation. This is why when you drink or eat something with caffeine you feel supercharged, pepped up, and like a zesty ball of life.

Now for the fun part – how this power-packed substance will get you closer to your skin goals. Here are the top 3 science-backed benefits of caffeine-infused skincare.

 Bye Bye Dark Under Eye

Whether you were pulling an all-nighter to make a deadline on a big project, or simply had a girl’s night out that lasted until dawn, dark circles and puffy eyes happen to the best of us.

Caffeine has long been studied for it’s potential to reduce puffiness, firm sagging skin, minimize dark circles, and even reduce sun damage. Results were once varied – in fact, researchers doubted its ability to even penetrate the skin, which would’ve rendered it totally useless in skincare. 

Lucky for us, a 2009 study evaluated caffeine’s ability to penetrate the skin effectively and what they found was that applied topically, caffeine does penetrate living skin – very deeply, in fact! Its ability to constrict small blood vessels and reduce inflammation makes it hugely beneficial for formulas designed to minimize dark circles and sagging skin under the eyes.

If these tidbits have you wanting to try caffeine for your skin, we’ve got just the thing. Our hero and best-selling white truffle eye cream contains naturally-occurring caffeine. The perfect way to reduce eye puffiness and minimize dark circles.

Reduces Rosacea-Related Redness

Let’s talk about redness and inflammation. Rosacea is a skin condition affecting nearly 415 million people worldwide. This condition has four different sub-types, which you can read more about here, but one thing that all four types have in common is redness. This is where caffeine comes in. Caffeine has a natural ability to constrict blood flow, so when it’s applied topically, it decreases redness and inflammation. In fact, one study found a 95% satisfaction rate in participants who use a caffeine-infused product on their skin twice daily over the course of 8 weeks to reduce inflammation.

Slow Down Skin Aging

Turns out caffeine has amazing antioxidant properties and those potent antioxidant properties help3 SCIENCE-BACKED SKIN BENEFITS OF CAFFEINE protect cells against UV radiation and slow down the process of skin-aging. The powerful naturally-occurring antioxidants in caffeine are called polyphenols. They’re known to work inside the body to fight off damage from UV rays. When mice in a study were exposed to UV radiation for 22 weeks and given a topical cream infused with caffeine 5 days a week for 6 weeks, it was found that the caffeine inhibited the growth of malignant cells within the body. Caffeine was observed to prevent and reverse the damaging effects of the sun by literally causing damaged cells to self-destruct (WHAT! Amazing, right?)

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