Are You Forgetting Something?!

We are all guilty of paying extra attention to our faces when it comes to skincare. Consequently, this may lead to neglecting some of our other body parts in our daily skincare routines. We exfoliate on a regular basis, cleanse and apply the most expensive products on the face. The neck may get a piece of the action but this is not always enough. Before you make some regrettable beauty and skincare decisions, always remember to balance. Without proper balance, the results may not be what you are looking for in your overall skincare regimen.

Following is a quick guide on the most neglected body parts and what to do about it.

Décolletage Area

Your décolletage area (the neck, upper chest, and collarbone) needs as much loving careAre You Forgetting Something?! These 6 neglected Body Parts need loving care and attention too! as your face, but all too often we forget about this area. A proper beauty routine should not stop with the neck. The shape of the neckline widens as goes lower, which means more skin exposure to the sun and elements and the delicate skin of this area can be highly vulnerable to early signs of aging. This is an area that needs moisturizing and attention to keep it smooth and hydrated. Unfortunately, many people fail to do that on a consistent basis. Hence, the décolletage fits easily in our list of the most neglected body parts in skincare.

What to do to fix it: Nobody wants to see smooth and radiant skin on the face contrasted by dull looking and contrasting rough skin below the neckline. As such, take some time to see that this doesn’t happen to you. You achieve this by making it more of a habit than a chore or task to take care of your décolletage. Specialized products such as Truffoire Diamond Truffle Neck and Chest Mask can help you on that journey by adding some special ingredients to keep that part of the skin soft and hydrated.

The Diamond Truffle Face and Neck Cream is the perfect anti-aging skincare product for the gentle skin in your décolletage area. This multitasking cream is formulated to help diminish the look of wrinkles and saggy skin while moisturizing and keeping your skin nourished.

The Back

The back is another one of the more curious and most neglected body parts in skincare. Curious because some people don’t understand why they should cater to a part they can’t even see. Unless you are a gymnast, most people can barely even reach all areas of the back but this is no excuse to ignore or neglect such an important body part. And ladies, if you want to occasionally impress with a flawless backless dress, you must also care for the skin of your back.

How to fix it: For starters, avoid over-exfoliating as this may result in breakouts.   Always go for gentle scrubs and keep your back just lightly moisturized. Truffoire white truffle salt scrub is a perfect exfoliator if used once a week on the back.  A gentle brush or loofah sponge with a long handle can help you reach where your hands can’t.  The scrub is formulated with gentle moisturizing compounds and will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Follow exfoliation with the application of the luxurious feeling Truffoire Body Butter for consistently smooth and glowing skin on your back and the rest of your body!


Hands are notorious tellers of age, but also frequently neglected in many anti-aging Are You Forgetting Something?! These 6 neglected Body Parts need loving care and attention too!skincare routines. Since hands are constantly used in almost everything we do, they are prone to wear and tear. Surprisingly, they still manage to go untreated and now fall in this list of the neglected body parts in skincare.

The fix: The quickest way to treat your hands is to apply the same facial products on your hands after you work your face. Here, pay more attention to a massaging moisturizer so as to give your nails a bonus treat. For extra effectiveness, we recommend using a vitamin C serum as well to help nourish skin, diminish wrinkles and fade dark spots.  For those extra stubborn dark spots try the Truffle Skin Corrector. This innovative roll-on applicator utilizes the latest technology in skincare. It is designed to target blemishes, spots and skin discoloration with a powerful yet gentle formula.

 It doesn’t end by just treating your hands though, always take adequate measures to make sure your hands are protected from harsh elements and chemicals. For instance, avoid washing your hands with hot water as this can strip the skin of its natural protective oils and use plastic gloves when doing the dishes or cleaning whenever possible.

Elbows and knees

If your elbows and knees start to look dry or dark, that’s a telling sign that they need some extra love ASAP.

What to Do: The solution is here is pretty straightforward, moisturize then moisturize again. If you want to get your elbows and knees to be soft and caress worthy, make a point to give them a good exfoliation at least once a week, followed by moisturizing.

Your Feet

Are You Forgetting Something?! These 6 neglected Body Parts need loving care and attention too!This is by far the most neglected part of our body. Besides the usual routine of scrubbing and moisturizing, you should use a pumice stone to get rid of calluses. A powerful moisturizer will also come good in case of cracked heels for some much-needed pampering. Slather on moisturizer and then a nice soft pair of soft, cozy socks. Regular pedicure and feet massages will also boost how good your feet will look in the long run.


This one is surprising huh? Not really.  This is by far a totally neglected area because quite frankly, after shaving and waxing underarms, they are simply ignored and hidden from sight. One common thing we see happen with underarm skin is it becomes darker.  While there could be different explanations for why your underarms are darkening, most of it is up to you. To start off, dead cells are known to accumulate under the arm when you skip a bit of scrubbing. Skipping exfoliation is the one reason that puts underarms in our list the most neglected body parts in skincare.

How to fix it: Experts recommend gentle exfoliation on your underarms at least every week. This is to make sure you keep them lightly moisturized. If you apply moisturizer to your legs after a clean shave, then why not do that with your underarms as well? The Truffoire body butter or body cream will help you maintain a youthful and glowing look. This body butter is made up of luxurious ingredients that your skin will absolutely love. Upon use, you get amazingly moisturized, revitalized and nourished skin, especially in those neglected areas.

Bottom Line

Although the rest of your body may not show the effects of damage as quickly as your face can, don’t neglect any part of it. Your body deserves the same amount of attention as your face does. In fact, you can go a long way just by applying a quality lotion or moisturizer after your warm shower. 

Tell us, which body part do you tend to neglect the most? What is your solution?  Share and comment below!